Why do cats kick litter out of box

Why do cats kick litter out of box

As a natural born cat lover, I’ve spent my whole life studying about these cute little creatures and learn how to know them more and more. Most of you would agree with me that cat is definitely one of the weirdest pets. And we could never have a clue of what’s going on in their tiny heads. But everything has a good explanation, even with cats. And in this post, you’ll learn why some cats kick litter out of their box.

The litter

the litterWe all know cats dig litter before doing their business. It’s their instinct. They do it to cover all the traces and mark the land with their unique smell urine. So if you put too much litter in the box, they’ll definitely fall out when your kitten starts digging. But don’t think that by putting a small amount of litter will help you prevent your cat from kicking them out of their boxes. The thin layer of litter will force your cat to do some extra digging. And since there is only a thin layer, the litter will become lighter as a whole, making them easier to fall out. So you should use a certain amount of litter that would still make your cat feel comfortable while avoiding litter fall out of the box.

And you could also consider changing the litter types if the kicking still happens since some litters are very small and light, making them easy to fall out. In this case, I recommend you use a large-size litter with a decent smell that would attract your kitten. Otherwise, it would all be wasted.

The box

The boxOne more reason for the kicking stuff is because the size of your box is too small. This makes the amount of litter you put it isn’t enough for the cat and he/she might wanna dig the whole box up. And the small-size box also makes the litter become too much to handle (for the box, not the cat). The result will be your box become overwhelmed by litter and some will leak out.

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