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Using the Herbs for Getting Good Sleeps

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Treatment Of Insomnia, Sleep Is Not Deep

Treatment Of InsomniaWhen many people suffer from insomnia have come in the hope of sleeping pills can sink into sleep. But sleeping pills are not created physiological sleep, waking up tired and often cause unwanted effects. Therefore, people tend to return to those products derived from herbal safe and effective.

Recognize The Signs Of Insomnia; Sleep Is Not Deep 

Many people believe that insomnia means broken sleep, not enough sleep time than the “regulations” 8 hours a day. This is true, but not enough. Because sleep is not only judged based on the duration of sleep but also depends on the quality of sleep. Here are some signs that you are leaving insomnia:

Difficult to go to sleep: People with insomnia often lies not sleep, into a state of constantly thinking, constantly watching the clock form a vicious circle that is difficult to sleep more and more.

Sleep is not deep sleep, nightmares, waking several times: Sleep is not deep sleep, staying asleep or delirious making regular sleep interrupted by the wake in the night time.

Waking early, morning up tired and dated crave sleep: A good night’s sleep helps the body to relax and re-energize for the day ahead. In contrast, people with insomnia, sleep is not deep sleep to fall in a shortage of life, wakes up sluggish limbs, mind ourselves …

Why Your Sleep has Poor Quality

Besides the usual reasons for insomnia, such as missed time zone, stress, too much sleep during the day, environmental factors too bright to sleep, uncomfortable … then there is an underlying cause from the body, which is ischemic aka cerebral circulatory insufficiency.

Although the brain accounts for only 2% of body weight needs to 1/5 the amount of oxygen and nutrients to maintain the operation of the nervous system neurons. Therefore, to cerebral ischemia leads to coordination disorders, including sleep. Statistics show that 80% of patients with insomnia, sleep problems stem from this cause.

Cerebral ischemia, cerebral vascular obstruction, cerebral circulatory disorders … is common among the elderly, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, degenerative spine … or diet and improper activities.

Herbs – Ideal For Natural Sleep

“Find the natural sleep 8 hours a day – easy or difficult?” This is the anxiety of many insomniacs. Many people tried to prolong his sleep by taking sleeping pills or herbal conditioning neurological effects forgetting that improving brain blood circulation is new determinants “win – defeat” in the treatment of loss sleep.

So to have a good sleep, deep sleep, in addition to bedtime, quiet bedroom no light, avoid eating the brain stimulants like alcohol, coffee, green tea; patients should be treated with the application of herbal remedies help increase blood circulation to the brain

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