Use Solar Technology To Provide Electricity
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Use Solar Technology To Provide Electricity

Learn about the forms of power supply

Using the national electricity grid: This is the most economically efficient solution, but this solution can only be applied to the localities near the national grid.

Power source

– Diesel generators are commonly used due to the low investment cost and easy operation. However, the use of fuels such as gasoline and oil to run the machine has a great impact on the environment, and the cost of gasoline is now rising quite high. Therefore, the use of diesel generators in the day is not much, mainly serving when there is demand and during peak hours.

– Using renewable energy sources: Now the exploitation of renewable energy sources (especially from the potential energy sources of small hydropower and solar power is very common in remote areas). The national grid has brought about remarkable social efficiency. In this article, I will help you known about benefits of solar energy. It is a clean and green energy for our earth.

Application of solar power technology in mountainous areas

Currently, in the hilly area, there are two main types of PMT power supply models, which are independent power supply models (outside grid) and national grid power supply, models.

Solar energy

Independent power supply models are off-grid, self-generating, and directly supplied to consumers. This power supply model uses two main types of technology: independent power supply technology using MT batteries and independent power supply technology that combine MT power with other types of power sources such as wind power, Biomass, diesel power. The combination of these sources depends on demand, additional load characteristics, potential renewable energy sources in place.

Solar power stations installed in mountainous areas are mostly silicon crystalline (polycrystalline and monocrystalline) batteries because they are highly efficient solar cells and are widely used in the market. However, silicon crystal cell technology has a relatively high cost, and the ability to work in real conditions in this area is reduced when the weather is not favorable .

Advantages of solar energy


Recently, with the advancement of science and technology, thin-film solar cell technology has been gradually perfected technically and produced and used in many countries in the world such as USA, Germany, Hungary … The thin-film solar cell technology, which is not very efficient with silicon crystal batteries, has the advantage of being inexpensive and can work on some unfavorable terrains and can work right away. Even when the weather conditions are unfavorable (cloudiness, high ambient air temperature …). Some experimental results have demonstrated in the same technical conditions (solar radiation, the angle of incidence, weather conditions, power, time of use) of the output of the crystal battery Silicon and Thin film solar cells are quite similar.

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