Some small tips to buy a new mattress
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Some small tips to buy a new mattress

Buy new mattress


Buying a new mattress is never an easy job.  With hundreds of brands and models on the market, selecting one out of the blue is definitely not a good idea. In this article, we will give you some small tips on deciding which mattress to buy. Hopefully, you will find what you were looking for. Here it goes:

1/ Bouncy surface:

Bouncy surface

For bouncy feeling, choose a mattress with innerspring. That one really rhymes, right? Depend on your personal reference there will be a suitable rebound level. The coils are in the range from 12 (easily compressed) to 18 (firmest). The bigger a person is, the higher the number should be.

Then there are two types of coils: interconnected and individual ones covered with fabric. The former is very sturdy while the latter does not cause much ripple effect when changing your sleep position.

2/ Firm surface:

If you want a firm mattress then go for the one with memory foam (especially one with polyurethane core). You lie on it, then get up and it reverts back to its original position; hence, the name. In order to determine how good this mattress is, ask the clerk how thickness of the foam layer and the density of the foam.  The former is usually around 2 to 6 inches; the lower the number, the deeper you sink. As for density, 5 pounds per cubic foot is top-notched. Combine this with your budget plan and personal preference and you will know your most suitable bed.

3/ Buoyant surface:

Buoyant surface

If buoyancy is what you need, latex mattress is the one, indeed. In terms of firmness, latex and memory foam are seemingly identical; however, latex has slightly more rebound. If you have more cash to spare, go for natural latex one. It may cost a lot for now, but it is just a small price to pay over the course of 20 years of its life. It even resists dust mites and mold.  There are usually two types: Dunlop and Talalay latex. The former is heavier and denser, which is suitable for heavy people while the other will give a softer feeling.

4/ Customized surface:

If you need to customize the mattress according to your current need, an air filled mattress is your best option. This type of mattress comes with a remote control which allows you increase or decrease the quantity of air inside. Some are designed to have two separate air containers. This will allow you to adjust the firmness according to you and your partner’s need individually.



your personal preference and how much space you have at home. Remember never to pay full price for this object. Try to use your negotiation skill to reduce the price or to get extras, i.e. free delivery or bonus items.

That was it from us. We hope you will succeed in buying what you want. If you want to read more articles on this topic, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to our website. As a bonus, here is the list of the best mattress currently on the market, which includes the best mattress for kids, teens, and adults.

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