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Sites like 123movies

Watching movies has never been easier with the help of internet. You only need an Internet-connecting device and a decent internet connection. Here are the best sources to watch movies online for free. That’s right, completely free and all the sites are updated until June 2017.

Watching movies


It’s probably the biggest site to watch not only movies but all types of video content. Here you can find movies, tv shows, personal video at all types and category. The content is freely distributed and you don’t have to pay for anything. Just have to watch a few ads before get to see the content you want.


This is one of those officially legal sources that allow users to watch free movies online with you charging any extra. The site gets their movies from Sony Picture due to an agreement that allows the website to freely distribute all Sony Pictures movies on it. You can find all types of movies and series that have been produced by Sony and watch them without paying anything.


Just like Crackle, this site gets their constantly flowing movies source from Screen Media Ventures. The contents vary from action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, document and TV shows. Pretty much all types of movies that’ll satisfy your need. And they’re all free to watch.



The site is considered a piracy form like torrent by officials but is loved by users since they get to watch tons of free movies here. All the content are from other sites and 123movies doesn’t own any movies on their server. That means there is a whole lot of rooms for developers to update their movies library without any restriction. For the record, this is one of my favorite movies streaming sites.


It has thousands of free movies and TV shows at all genres. Action, horror, comedy, documentary, sci-fi and much more. All of them are free to watch and the website only makes money through advertisements. But also, for this reason, the sites don’t have too many films on it and it doesn’t update new movies like other sites. It usually takes 1-2 years for you to watch a newly released movie on the sites. So you might want to have some alternations.


Cmovieshd works just like 123Movies. It only contains links that lead to content from other sites like,,, youtube, and others. And that’s why they could sustain and keep updating a lot of new titles each day. You can find both newly released and old movies on the site. These titles vary from horror, action, documentary, comedy,… to TV shows and series.

Public Domain Torrents

The site works like places that share movies, TV show and others content under public domain form. And since it is, watching movies from the site is completely legal. The only thing that bothers me is that you’ll have to wait for them to update the domain links to watch.

Watching movies

Internet Archive Movie

The site works like Public Domain Torrents. All the content fall in the name of the public domain so they’re free to stream and watch, just like when you’re downloading the file from torrent. The content varies bases on the shared link from the site. Be sure to update frequently from IAM website for the most demanding movies.


Although free movies can be so easily to watch, you should always be aware of the risks that these sites can bring. Always stream movies in incognito mode and turn on the firewall to detect any dangerous malware or virus programs that could harm your computer.

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