Key elements for an awesome aquarium
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Key elements for an awesome aquarium

How are you lately my fellow aquarium maniac? So for those who are still new with an aquarium, it may be hard to decide what’s best to do for their tank. What to prepare, what to add, how to decorate, and how to keep it clean. Well, I’ve got the ultimate answer for you guys. Just read my post carefully and I’m sure you’ll find out what you need.

Fish tankHere are the key elements that you must consider when choosing and using an aquarium.

Size and capacity

There are lots of choices when it comes to this. It could be a small size tank that could fit on your table. Or a large tank that you could recreate an ocean world inside. So make sure you choose the right one. I personally recommend you guys start with the big one if you have space for it. By starting with this tank, you’ll have lots to learn and you’ll get better faster.

Small fish tankAnd a large tank like this will allow you to have more space for your fishes and decoration. But if you decide to go for the small one, I suggest you plant a large plant in the middle of the tank. Since these type of tank won’t be large enough for a filter or air pumper. The plant will help increase the oxygen and purify the water, so it’ll be great to have one of them.


Simple ornaments and decoration stuff like sand, gravel, rock, and plant are great for the job. Spread the sand at the bottom of your tank, make sure they’re thick enough for the fish to lay on and dig in since they love it. And also put some shiny gravel and rock around your tank. It’ll look much better with them. Also, plant some aquatic plants in your tank, it’ll look great, I can guarantee that. There are two option, plastic one, and the real one. I prefer real one because of all the benefit that they brought to my aquarium. But for beginners, you could try the plastic one since real plants are hard to take care of. But also keep in mind that the plastic plants may not good for your fishes.


Well, it’s not like I’m going to raise only fishes in my aquarium. It’s just because I don’t know how to name this part. Okay, back to the topic.

Fishes When I choose fishes (or other sea creatures) for my aquarium, I always choose those that can work well together or at least they won’t kill each other. In this matter, you should do some research first. And don’t choose fishes that have different sizes. Because the big one could hurt the small one even when it doesn’t mean to. And remember don’t raise turtle in your fish tank. It’s the worst mistake that some could make. Because turtle love eating fish, you may wake up finding your fishes are all dead.


Two of the most important devices that every aquarium need is an air pumper and a water filter. An air pumper will help increase the amount of oxygen in your aquarium. It’s important to have one of this in your fish tank. And the water filter will help clean the excessive dirt in the tank. I suggest you choose a canister filter for this job since this one has both the biologic and mechanic filter function. The biologic filter will get rid of the ammonia that forms up from the fish urine. And the mechanic filter will remove all the dirt in the water. You should click the “best canister filter 2017” button to get access to the top-rated products.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back with more cool aquarium ideas.

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