Interesting tips for gardening
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Interesting tips for gardening

Gardening is an art of planting and a good gardener doesn’t rely on expensive or complicated tools to get the job done. They just use simple ones with very special and useful techniques to get the job done effortlessly. By reading this article, you too can become a professional just like them. Today, I will show you a few tips and tricks so that you can become a skillful artist in this field of flora cultivating.

1/ Root -feeder.

By delivering water directly to the root, you can boost the growth speed of the plant dramatically. Watering the area surrounding the plant is good but it not as effective as making a root feeder, and more environmental friendly as well. When you drink all the content of a plastic bottle, do not throw them away just yet. Punch lots of small holes on the surface of the bottle and bury it next to your lovely plants. Fill the bottle with water and you will get to watch your plants grow at a much faster pace compare to traditional watering.

2/ Unique plants name tag


There may be a lot of plants in your garden and you might want to label which one is which so that you can easily keep track of them; however, labelling them with paper sounds and looks so boring. Why not get creative with decorative stones instead? Get a flat stone and write on it using pen or markers or you can even engrave it. You can get creative and decorate the name in whatever way you want that suits your personal need. By doing this, you will subtly let everyone know how creative you can be and turn your “green place” into a much more “YOU” place.

3/ Eggshells fertilizer


Egg has many health benefits, not only for human but for plants as well. Whenever you make any dish using eggs, don’t throw away the shells just yet. You may not need it but your plants sure do. Crack them and put some in each of your plants. By doing this, you will supply your plants with an abundant amount of calcium, which in turns help them grow much faster and stay healthier. Moreover, they can make certain types of insect go away as well. A wonderful benefit of eggshells, right?

4/ Low-cost water-sprinkler


Another trick using a used water bottle instead of wasting money on an expensive sprinkler. This time, you only need to punch small holes at the bottom of the bottle and make sure to do so evenly. Afterwards, attach the bottle to the hose and you have a cheap and effective water-sprinkler

There’s another even cheaper alternative. Instead of puncturing holes at the bottom, do it on the cap. Then fill the bottle with water, recap and squeeze it. This is very suitable for garden with small plants

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