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Hazards When Using The Cheap Air Fryer Products

Undeniably the features that bring air fryer cooking as a fast performance, energy savings and safety for users. But that’s the kind of air quality fryer, also for types of cheap air fryer or those without clear origin on the market is a huge threat to the safety of consumers. So, that, I recommend you visit the following address to get more best air fryer Reviews 2017 on the market today

Disadvantages Of Cheap Air Fryer

disadvantages Most cheap air fryer, unknown origin, are no guarantee of quality, shorter lifespan, and perishable if the user does not know how to preserve. For this type of cheap air fryer or originating from China, manufacturers often use ambiguous materials, quality assurance or incorrectly assembled technical requirements. Substandard wires leading to overcrowding caused hot, flowing, hit the circuit. Also, by using the high-temperature environment, the vulnerable components “broken,” rust, also led to short-circuit, shortening the life of the kitchen. Also, poor quality glass surface does not stand the heat too high, leading to the kind of air fryer design usually cheap small capacity.

Tips For You:

when you choose to buy air fryer, should go to the dealer, showroom prestige to ensure that the product is derived, clear origin, enjoy the warranty, attentive customer service, improve the efficiency of cooking as well as ensure the safety of the family members.

Cooking At High Temperatures Continuously

high-temperaturesMaintaining continuous high power levels when using air fryer is not necessary because the temperature of air fryer on high heat, very prone to overload and shorten the life of the kitchen as well as the failure of domestic cooking appliances dirt

Instead, when you’re cooking a particular dish at a high temperature, you should turn down the heat a little rest and then continue to cook other dishes. When making fried meat or fried, then you go to fire at first, after you cooked food to a reasonable level to its fried dishes cooked food more evenly.

Withdrawal Of Power As Soon As He Cooked

Many people believe that the power of the air drawn fryer right after cooking is an effective way to save electricity? This is a common mistake most people use air fryer. When unplugged immediately after use, air cooling mode of operation and the fryer is not yet operational so that air cooling period will last longer fryer, in the long run, can cause damage to the kitchen. Therefore, after use is complete, you press the button to turn off the stove off, wait about 30 minutes after the power supply and pull out.

Set Air Fryer near the Wall 

air-fryer-near-the-wallDuring the operation, air fryer produces a huge amount of heat, so if placed flush kitchen wall, the heat will not sink into the surrounding environment. The heat builds up forming mold, easy to damage the stove and the high risk of fire.

Hygiene Of Air Fryer Immediately After You Finish Using

Like other electrical appliances, air fryer very hydrophobic with water. Therefore, do not use too wet towels to clean kitchen, and especially not cleaned the kitchen when the stove is still hot to avoid the risk of short-circuiting, fire and electric shock.

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