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Instructions on How to Care for Children in Summer 

If you want to choose the pack and play for your children in summer or any season, you can check here for get more information about best pack and play reviews. In this article, I will help you notes for caring your children in summer season.


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Children and recreation, group of happy multiethnic school kids playing tug-of-war with rope in city park. Summer camp fun
Children and recreation, group of happy multiethnic school kids playing tug-of-war with rope in city park. Summer camp fun

In the summer, the children’s hospital always in overload. Many children visit and treatment of diseases caused by strep throat, bronchitis, diarrhea, fever of unknown origin. As recommended by the doctor, prolonged hot weather is the major cause of disease in children.

Besides, doctors noted parents should pay special attention to nutrition for children. Because if the child is a full complement of nutrients, the child’s resistance will increase significantly, reduce the risk of disease.

Prolonged hot weather, many parents for children in the room air conditioner too much makes you go out children do not adapt to the sudden changes of temperature should ease a sore throat, fever. Also, diarrhea in children is also a matter of concern in the summer.

Food for children

playful-children-1080x675Most moms are now nursing their children just to go to work again just to have a habit of feeding cook 1 hour. According to doctor of a large hospital, the very subjectivity of parents is one of the causes for the child.

By summer if cooked food though but not properly maintained will create conditions for bacteria to grow. On the other hand, the cook one time feeding all day sometimes does not ensure sufficient vegetative during the day for children and the whole day to eat food that children and adolescents as well.

Agreeing with the view, a doctor said: Infants, the immune system is weak due to thin skin, reflex sneezing, coughing, weak, of intestinal function incomplete and capable of producing the antibodies to limited risk of disease in young children is higher than a lot of adults.

Especially in the hot season, due to the weather conditions were favorable for the bacteria, harmful germs to grow. We not only penetrate into the food, the environment but also penetrate the human body in many different paths, which mainly through the nose and throat, skin, intestinal and urinary through exposure directly of limbs, mouth, because of patients with pharyngitis, bronchitis, inflammation of the intestines, urinary infections …

Reasonable nutrition for children

To reduce the risk to children is the most important thing is to increase immunity, you must ensure that children proper nutrition regime. In the summer, especially on hot days, the temperature will be higher outdoor temperatures makes the body very young dehydration, fatigue, poor diet.

Therefore, the need to eat fruits high in vitamin C and protein-rich foods such as milk, cow’s milk, eggs, meat … With young children, parents have to keep in mind is always occupied from fat 25-30% of the daily diet.

Water is also very important to the body. It serves to regulate their body temperature, so the need for children to drink enough water to just cover the heat reduces the amount of water lost by sweating. However, do not let children drink water in the refrigerator, ice for easy cause sore throats, implementation cooked boiled drinking, hygiene, and body clean to prevent diarrhea, infectious diseases …

For children being treated

In case the child is in hospital treatment, the addition of nutrients is even more important. There are a lot of mothers apply to diet, saying that their child is suffering from diarrhea or have certain medical conditions are one body does not absorb all of it feeding the abstinence. This conception is completely wrong because getting the child dieting causes the body we are missing quality leads to less resistance to antibiotics, the long-cured or severe malnutrition are unavoidable.

Or see the sick mothers should strive to cram without attention to the absorptive capacity of the child. Taboos with children are not putting too much grease on the child’s food, to balance protein, protein, iron, fiber and vitamins for … children are complete, comprehensive development.

How to clean Nike shoes

shoes-cleaningIn the world of sport brands, Nike emerges as one of the best in the business. Giay nike are always top-notched quality with incredible durability. Nonetheless, how long the shoes can last depend a great part on you as well, i.e how well you can use and keep them. In order to do so, it is necessary to know how to clean them so as to keep them in an excellent state for as long as possible. In this article, we will present you some simple tips to do just that

Light cleaning

After each time of being used, be it for running or walking or for whatever purpose, you should scrape off the dirt and other things that got stuck to the shoes while you have been strolling on the street. To do so, tap the shoes lightly against each other or against the floor, use an extra bit of force if necessary but not too much; otherwise, its lifespan could be shortened dramatically. Use water to aid the cleaning process if necessary

Medium cleaning shoes-cleaning

For stuffs that is hard to come off such as chewing gum and mud, extra care and specialized treatment are required so as not to damage the shoes any further. Use something small, e.g a toothpick, to remove most of them off your precious shoes and for the remainder, rinse them off with water or use an old toothbrush to scrub them out. After that, let them become dry naturally or wipe dry with a piece of cloth and put them neatly on the shelf. This should take care of the second stage

Heavy cleaning

After a prolonged period of usage, it’s about time your shoes could use some cleaning. It is recommended that you should clean your shoes at least once every two or three months. Your shoes need washing so that it stay clean and ready to hit the road with style again. Read the instruction carefully and act accordingly. Don’t wash them with hot water if it tell you to wash with cold water or don’t wash with water if it told you to dry clean only. Follow these instructions and your shoes should stay clean and durable for as long as you want


The trick to keep the shoes durable is buy the shoes that fit your personal needs. Use the shoes as they were meant to be or, in simpler terms, don’t use them for the wrong purpose. If your shoes are designed to show off moves on the dance floor, do not take them out and go for a run. This is tantamount to putting the shoes in overdrive, and after many times of doing so, it can take a great toll on the lifespan of the shoes and thus decreasing their age.

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