Special tips for camping and hiking

Special tips for camping and hiking

The travelers often experience these two types of activity at a time since they can get along quite easily. You can combine camping with some hiking for a much better experience. And I’m sure you’ll need some of these tips for your next trip.

Tents for travelers
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These come in many different sizes and shapes. For a big family picnic, a 10 man tent is quite a good choice but if you’re going alone or with only a few friends then you’d probably need a smaller tent which can be folded easily and carry along with your backpack. Also, remember to check the weather of the place where you’re about to travel. If you’re going wild camping then a stable 4 season tent is the right choice for you since they’re designed to withstand even the most severe weather.

Sleeping bag
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Sleeping bag

Choose the one that fits the climate. Usually, the more you pay for it, the better product you’ll get. And don’t forget to bring along a sleeping mat with you. It’ll help you avoid the cold that coming from the ground at night.


Remember, only bring stuff that you really need like clothes, medicine, and a GPS. Keep the dry in a dry bags or plastic pocket. Don’t pack too much if you’re going on a short trip. If you’re going camping with family on a local campsite then there is no need for a GPS, in this case, the only thing you need to bring along is stuff that could play with. Like a football or volleyball. Also, consider bringing a fishing pole if the place where you’re going have a lake or something like that.


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Don’t forget to bring drinks along with you. Camping will burn a lot of calories and water so you should always carry a water bottle along with you to avoid dehydration. And if you have spare spaces in your backpack, it would be nice if you can carry a bottle of coffee. It’s always great to have something that could help us keep our focus.


Don’t forget to bring salves, creams, and powder to keep insect away from you. Also bring along a fist aid kit with basic stuff like a bandage, medical cotton in case there are accidents. If you have diabetes or heart diseases, never forget to bring your medicine.

That’s all for today. Enjoy your trip and see you guys in our next post.


DIY: Homemade egg incubator, why and why not.

DIY: Homemade egg incubator, why and why not.

Homemade incubator
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Most of you may have been familiar with an incubator machine but I bet not many have seen a homemade one. And I must admit myself that I rarely see any homemade egg incubator too. But a friend of mine own many of these and I’ve been able to have a closer look at these interesting items when I visit him. Let’s not talk about the pros and cons. Just admit it, isn’t it great to have an egg incubator in your house and the best part is that it is totally made by you? In this post, I’m going to give you a detailed guide to making an incubator at home, why you should do it and how to do it correctly.

Reasons to make an incubator at home

Reasons to make an incubator at home
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First, it’s much more fun and interesting for you and your family to participate in this type of activities. This is a good chance for you to get a better understanding of your kids, you could also teach them how to be patience, and most of all, it is a perfect chance for a family get together.

Another reason why you should build an incubator yourself is that you can reuse items that normally would never be used. Like a dumped foam box could use to make the home for the chicks, or a worn out pillow could make a perfect bottom of the incubator. You see, we could recycle all most every item around us. Recycle would definitely love this method, maybe you should try it out.

Making your own incubator also save you tons of money. It usually cost around $50 for a normal incubator and if you want more advanced features, you will need to increase your investment to at least $100 to $200. On the other hand, making a homemade incubator will only cost you around $10 to $15.

The downside of homemade incubator

The downside of homemade incubator
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The most annoying that you would probably face is that the humidity, air circulation, as well as the temperature inside your incubator would be hard to control. These are the most essential elements of an incubator, so if they do not probably handle then the hatch ratio would be very low.

And these factors above can also be fluctuated by the environment around it. So make sure the incubation is set up in a tightly sealed room.

The hatching rate at homemade with homemade incubator usually least than 50% compared to 80% to 90% when using an incubator machine.

You should carefully when making your decision, all the information mentioned above are only for consideration purpose. So if you feel like making an incubator, just do it. And if you wanna see more interesting stuff about egg incubator, just visit us.

Some small tips to buy a new mattress

Some small tips to buy a new mattress

Buy new mattress
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Buying a new mattress is never an easy job.  With hundreds of brands and models on the market, selecting one out of the blue is definitely not a good idea. In this article, we will give you some small tips on deciding which mattress to buy. Hopefully, you will find what you were looking for. Here it goes:

1/ Bouncy surface:

Bouncy surface
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For bouncy feeling, choose a mattress with innerspring. That one really rhymes, right? Depend on your personal reference there will be a suitable rebound level. The coils are in the range from 12 (easily compressed) to 18 (firmest). The bigger a person is, the higher the number should be.

Then there are two types of coils: interconnected and individual ones covered with fabric. The former is very sturdy while the latter does not cause much ripple effect when changing your sleep position.

2/ Firm surface:

If you want a firm mattress then go for the one with memory foam (especially one with polyurethane core). You lie on it, then get up and it reverts back to its original position; hence, the name. In order to determine how good this mattress is, ask the clerk how thickness of the foam layer and the density of the foam.  The former is usually around 2 to 6 inches; the lower the number, the deeper you sink. As for density, 5 pounds per cubic foot is top-notched. Combine this with your budget plan and personal preference and you will know your most suitable bed.

3/ Buoyant surface:

Buoyant surface
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If buoyancy is what you need, latex mattress is the one, indeed. In terms of firmness, latex and memory foam are seemingly identical; however, latex has slightly more rebound. If you have more cash to spare, go for natural latex one. It may cost a lot for now, but it is just a small price to pay over the course of 20 years of its life. It even resists dust mites and mold.  There are usually two types: Dunlop and Talalay latex. The former is heavier and denser, which is suitable for heavy people while the other will give a softer feeling.

4/ Customized surface:

If you need to customize the mattress according to your current need, an air filled mattress is your best option. This type of mattress comes with a remote control which allows you increase or decrease the quantity of air inside. Some are designed to have two separate air containers. This will allow you to adjust the firmness according to you and your partner’s need individually.


credit: wikihow.com

your personal preference and how much space you have at home. Remember never to pay full price for this object. Try to use your negotiation skill to reduce the price or to get extras, i.e. free delivery or bonus items.

That was it from us. We hope you will succeed in buying what you want. If you want to read more articles on this topic, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to our website. As a bonus, here is the list of the best mattress currently on the market, which includes the best mattress for kids, teens, and adults.

What to look for in a good recumbent bike?

What to look for in a good recumbent bike?

Recumbent bike
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There are many ways to get your body working out and biking is one of the most popular. You can ride a bicycle, hit road and enjoy the view while exercising or you can do it right at home if you are on a tight schedule. There are two types of exercise bike: a regular stationary and a recumbent one. In this article, we will delve deeper into the latter and give you some advice on how to buy one.

Firstly, a brief explanation: A recumbent bike is a bike with back support which is very suitable for those with backache or other back problems.

1/ Display

Display screen
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You should look for user-friendly display, i.e. you can understand which button does what without having to read the instruction over and over again. A good display will indicate your heart rate, how many calories you have burned, how fast you go, revolutions per minute and other details. This will help you know your current effort and progress so that you know what needs improving.

2/ Programming

If you are on a training regime, you should choose something that will allow you to exercise according to your fitness level. This means that it has workouts suitable for your heart rate and take into account your age, weight and gender. With this, you will not feel overwhelming during training and will more likely to stick to your program.

3/ Resistance

As your fitness level increase, you will need to increase the resistance level to make it more suitable to your level. Therefore, you should look for machine with many modes or difficulties of workout.

4/ Safety

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Because of its moving parts, this type of exercise bike can be dangerous for you and especially children. Therefore, follow the safety directions and make sure that the bike is locked when not in use. If it does not have safety lock, purchase it or keep it away from the child. While it is in full swing, tell your child in advance not to come close to you.

5/ Size

Depend on how much space you have at home and how big your body is, choose the bike accordingly. You definitely don’t want this equipment to occupy your entire room. As for the correct size for your body, test the bike personally to ensure that you are comfortable with it, i.e. a comfy seat and pedals.

6/ Price

credit: graysfitness.com.au

One of the most important factors of all this. The more you pay for something, the better the quality usually is. However, there are a lot of recumbent bikes for sales at a bargain price. Just remember to put your negotiation skill into practice and who knows, you might get a bonus or two.

Remember as well to ask for additional costs (if any). You don’t want to end up paying more than you expected because of a cunning marketing trick.

Those were my tips for you. I wish you luck on purchasing a bike that will suit your need.

How many gallons is in my above ground pool

How many gallons is in my above ground pool

Above ground pool
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Do you want to have your very own swimming pool right at home? Do you know all about what it is going to cost you for that? Well, we are here to help you figure that out. In this article, we will help you with one aspect of this problem, which is knowing how many gallons of water you need to fill up your pool. Here it is in details.

The reason

The reason
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Why do you need to know about this matter? Well, because it will let you know how much water you will need and how much are you expected to pay at the end of the month. Another reason is to know the correct doses of chemicals that you need to add to the pool to make it clean and not toxic. Therefore, you can see how important it is to get this correctly.

The how-to

Firstly, remember the law of relativity. Nobody requires you to be one hundred percent accurate, so just do it the best you can. The calculation will depend upon the shape of the pool and the flatness of the location of the pool. In addition, a huge rain will add a bit more volume to the water overnight and a scorching day will facilitate evaporation by a few inches. Hence, don’t worry about the exact number and just do it.

Next, get a ruler and measure the followings: the width, the length, the diameter (for round pool) and the average depth of your pool. After you have the number, round them up to the nearest whole number, for easy calculations and to make sure. Then put all of them in the formulas below and you have the number you are looking for.

Above ground pool
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For rectangle, square pools, use this formula:

Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total gallons

For circular pools:

Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total gallons

For oval pools:

Length x Width x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total gallons

For average depth of pools with slopes:

Shallow End Depth + Deep End Depth Divided by 2 = Average Depth

That should be all the formulas you need. Just run the numbers through them and you will know how many gallons of water you pool will need.


Above ground pool calculation
credit: www.buddspools.com

However, if you are too lazy to do the math (which I think some are), we have provided you with this list, please click here. It contains the most common sizes of above ground pools and how many gallons of water they contain. This list is generally correct for most residential pool, so you should be safe in using it.

With that, we hope that you now know how many gallons of water there is in your pool. To help you even more, here is the link to the other articles related to this matter. As a gift for having read the entire article, we now present you the list of the best above ground swimming pool currently on the market. That’s it from us, we hope to see you again next time.

Best summer down comforter

Best summer down comforter

Summer down comforter
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Finding a year-round comforter is quite difficult especially if you are living in a warm climate area. Everybody would agree that a thick down comforter is perfect for cold winter but when it comes to summer and warm weather, the selection seems endless. Some people love a light blanket but some also like the warmth and thick comforter of winter. With these down comforters on downcomforterguides, we’re going to share with you how to choose the best ones.

How to choose

How to choose
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A lot of people think that a down comforter will make they feel hot in summer and they should choose a light sheet instead. But the thing they don’t know is that a light and thin down comforter will actually make you feel better. Since the light down fill will make sweat evaporates into the air easier. Depends on your need, choose a comforter that brings you comfort and warmth but still light so you won’t feel being pressed by your blanket. A medium light comforter is perfect for the case, it’ll save you money while still bring you the comfort you need.

Here is some suggestion for you:

Summer Lightweight 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter

Summer Lightweight 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter
credit: amazon.com

This one comes with 6 different dimensions, they’re twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CAL king. The filling is 100% pure white goose down and it’s allergy free. It’s cover by 100% cotton fabric with 300 thread count. The comforter is quite light with the weight is only 6 pounds. And the machine washable feature makes it perfect for summer season. You can wash your comforter in any local laundromat. I personally love this, light weight and comfort, definitely a good choice for summer. The cotton cover refuse to let any down escape. All-in-all, really happy with it.


Pure down Lightweight White Down Comforter

Pure down Lightweight White Down Comforter
credit: amazon.com

It’s a mid-weight down comforter for summer. The comforter has 3 different dimensions, twin, queen, and king. The twin and queen have the same price while the king dimension is 3/2 more expensive. The medium 550 fill power makes this perfect for summer. It has 100% cotton and 233-thread count covering which makes the comforter more breathable. And the down fill is 100% hypoallergenic. The end-to-end box-stitched construction keeps filling in place and prevents them from slipping away. The only downside to this is that it can only be dry clean.


Luxurious All Year 100% White Goose Down Comforter

Luxurious All Year 100% White Goose Down Comforter
credit: bhg.com

Well, the name has said it all. It is a year-round comforter with perfect light-weight. The covering is 100% cotton and 233 thread count. Hypoallergenic down fill will definitely make your sleep better. The fill is 100% goose down with 550 fill power. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and I must say that it is so soft and light. My sleep gets better because of this. And I haven’t noticed any unpleasant smell which usually has on the newly purchased comforter. One of the best duvet I’ve ever purchased.

Instructions on How to Care for Children in Summer 

Instructions on How to Care for Children in Summer 

If you want to choose the pack and play for your children in summer or any season, you can check here for get more information about best pack and play reviews. In this article, I will help you notes for caring your children in summer season.


91fTz2-UozL._SL1500_How to care children in summer

Children and recreation, group of happy multiethnic school kids playing tug-of-war with rope in city park. Summer camp fun
Children and recreation, group of happy multiethnic school kids playing tug-of-war with rope in city park. Summer camp fun

In the summer, the children’s hospital always in overload. Many children visit and treatment of diseases caused by strep throat, bronchitis, diarrhea, fever of unknown origin. As recommended by the doctor, prolonged hot weather is the major cause of disease in children.

Besides, doctors noted parents should pay special attention to nutrition for children. Because if the child is a full complement of nutrients, the child’s resistance will increase significantly, reduce the risk of disease.

Prolonged hot weather, many parents for children in the room air conditioner too much makes you go out children do not adapt to the sudden changes of temperature should ease a sore throat, fever. Also, diarrhea in children is also a matter of concern in the summer.

Food for children

playful-children-1080x675Most moms are now nursing their children just to go to work again just to have a habit of feeding cook 1 hour. According to doctor of a large hospital, the very subjectivity of parents is one of the causes for the child.

By summer if cooked food though but not properly maintained will create conditions for bacteria to grow. On the other hand, the cook one time feeding all day sometimes does not ensure sufficient vegetative during the day for children and the whole day to eat food that children and adolescents as well.

Agreeing with the view, a doctor said: Infants, the immune system is weak due to thin skin, reflex sneezing, coughing, weak, of intestinal function incomplete and capable of producing the antibodies to limited risk of disease in young children is higher than a lot of adults.

Especially in the hot season, due to the weather conditions were favorable for the bacteria, harmful germs to grow. We not only penetrate into the food, the environment but also penetrate the human body in many different paths, which mainly through the nose and throat, skin, intestinal and urinary through exposure directly of limbs, mouth, because of patients with pharyngitis, bronchitis, inflammation of the intestines, urinary infections …

Reasonable nutrition for children

To reduce the risk to children is the most important thing is to increase immunity, you must ensure that children proper nutrition regime. In the summer, especially on hot days, the temperature will be higher outdoor temperatures makes the body very young dehydration, fatigue, poor diet.

Therefore, the need to eat fruits high in vitamin C and protein-rich foods such as milk, cow’s milk, eggs, meat … With young children, parents have to keep in mind is always occupied from fat 25-30% of the daily diet.

Water is also very important to the body. It serves to regulate their body temperature, so the need for children to drink enough water to just cover the heat reduces the amount of water lost by sweating. However, do not let children drink water in the refrigerator, ice for easy cause sore throats, implementation cooked boiled drinking, hygiene, and body clean to prevent diarrhea, infectious diseases …

For children being treated

In case the child is in hospital treatment, the addition of nutrients is even more important. There are a lot of mothers apply to diet, saying that their child is suffering from diarrhea or have certain medical conditions are one body does not absorb all of it feeding the abstinence. This conception is completely wrong because getting the child dieting causes the body we are missing quality leads to less resistance to antibiotics, the long-cured or severe malnutrition are unavoidable.

Or see the sick mothers should strive to cram without attention to the absorptive capacity of the child. Taboos with children are not putting too much grease on the child’s food, to balance protein, protein, iron, fiber and vitamins for … children are complete, comprehensive development.

How to clean Nike shoes

shoes-cleaningIn the world of sport brands, Nike emerges as one of the best in the business. Giay nike are always top-notched quality with incredible durability. Nonetheless, how long the shoes can last depend a great part on you as well, i.e how well you can use and keep them. In order to do so, it is necessary to know how to clean them so as to keep them in an excellent state for as long as possible. In this article, we will present you some simple tips to do just that

Light cleaning

After each time of being used, be it for running or walking or for whatever purpose, you should scrape off the dirt and other things that got stuck to the shoes while you have been strolling on the street. To do so, tap the shoes lightly against each other or against the floor, use an extra bit of force if necessary but not too much; otherwise, its lifespan could be shortened dramatically. Use water to aid the cleaning process if necessary

Medium cleaning shoes-cleaning

For stuffs that is hard to come off such as chewing gum and mud, extra care and specialized treatment are required so as not to damage the shoes any further. Use something small, e.g a toothpick, to remove most of them off your precious shoes and for the remainder, rinse them off with water or use an old toothbrush to scrub them out. After that, let them become dry naturally or wipe dry with a piece of cloth and put them neatly on the shelf. This should take care of the second stage

Heavy cleaning

After a prolonged period of usage, it’s about time your shoes could use some cleaning. It is recommended that you should clean your shoes at least once every two or three months. Your shoes need washing so that it stay clean and ready to hit the road with style again. Read the instruction carefully and act accordingly. Don’t wash them with hot water if it tell you to wash with cold water or don’t wash with water if it told you to dry clean only. Follow these instructions and your shoes should stay clean and durable for as long as you want


The trick to keep the shoes durable is buy the shoes that fit your personal needs. Use the shoes as they were meant to be or, in simpler terms, don’t use them for the wrong purpose. If your shoes are designed to show off moves on the dance floor, do not take them out and go for a run. This is tantamount to putting the shoes in overdrive, and after many times of doing so, it can take a great toll on the lifespan of the shoes and thus decreasing their age.

That was It from us. We hope that the information was helpful. If you want to see more articles like this one, don’t hesitate to visit us using the link right here. Our articles are always available to help you.

Interesting tips for gardening

Interesting tips for gardening

Gardening is an art of planting and a good gardener doesn’t rely on expensive or complicated tools to get the job done. They just use simple ones with very special and useful techniques to get the job done effortlessly. By reading this article, you too can become a professional just like them. Today, I will show you a few tips and tricks so that you can become a skillful artist in this field of flora cultivating.

1/ Root -feeder.

By delivering water directly to the root, you can boost the growth speed of the plant dramatically. Watering the area surrounding the plant is good but it not as effective as making a root feeder, and more environmental friendly as well. When you drink all the content of a plastic bottle, do not throw them away just yet. Punch lots of small holes on the surface of the bottle and bury it next to your lovely plants. Fill the bottle with water and you will get to watch your plants grow at a much faster pace compare to traditional watering.

2/ Unique plants name tag


There may be a lot of plants in your garden and you might want to label which one is which so that you can easily keep track of them; however, labelling them with paper sounds and looks so boring. Why not get creative with decorative stones instead? Get a flat stone and write on it using pen or markers or you can even engrave it. You can get creative and decorate the name in whatever way you want that suits your personal need. By doing this, you will subtly let everyone know how creative you can be and turn your “green place” into a much more “YOU” place.

3/ Eggshells fertilizer


Egg has many health benefits, not only for human but for plants as well. Whenever you make any dish using eggs, don’t throw away the shells just yet. You may not need it but your plants sure do. Crack them and put some in each of your plants. By doing this, you will supply your plants with an abundant amount of calcium, which in turns help them grow much faster and stay healthier. Moreover, they can make certain types of insect go away as well. A wonderful benefit of eggshells, right?

4/ Low-cost water-sprinkler


Another trick using a used water bottle instead of wasting money on an expensive sprinkler. This time, you only need to punch small holes at the bottom of the bottle and make sure to do so evenly. Afterwards, attach the bottle to the hose and you have a cheap and effective water-sprinkler

There’s another even cheaper alternative. Instead of puncturing holes at the bottom, do it on the cap. Then fill the bottle with water, recap and squeeze it. This is very suitable for garden with small plants

We hope that the information was helpful. To get into more detail about this topic, please visit our website here. We have everything related to gardening, ranging from outdoors traditional vegetable garden to even indoors hydroponic vegetable garden and many more.

Using the Herbs for Getting Good Sleeps

At the stroke department, neurology and in many clinics, severe weather that will cause many headaches, vertigo, dizziness … When there are expressions, patients were arbitrarily painkillers; drug improves circulation to the brain in hopes drink will cure the disease but not have to go out and have hospital treatment. Besides it, if you travel you need to care your sleep a lot and sometimes you need to use the toddler travel bed. So I recommend you the following address for getting more information about toddler travel bed solutions.

Treatment Of Insomnia, Sleep Is Not Deep

Treatment Of InsomniaWhen many people suffer from insomnia have come in the hope of sleeping pills can sink into sleep. But sleeping pills are not created physiological sleep, waking up tired and often cause unwanted effects. Therefore, people tend to return to those products derived from herbal safe and effective.

Recognize The Signs Of Insomnia; Sleep Is Not Deep 

Many people believe that insomnia means broken sleep, not enough sleep time than the “regulations” 8 hours a day. This is true, but not enough. Because sleep is not only judged based on the duration of sleep but also depends on the quality of sleep. Here are some signs that you are leaving insomnia:

Difficult to go to sleep: People with insomnia often lies not sleep, into a state of constantly thinking, constantly watching the clock form a vicious circle that is difficult to sleep more and more.

Sleep is not deep sleep, nightmares, waking several times: Sleep is not deep sleep, staying asleep or delirious making regular sleep interrupted by the wake in the night time.

Waking early, morning up tired and dated crave sleep: A good night’s sleep helps the body to relax and re-energize for the day ahead. In contrast, people with insomnia, sleep is not deep sleep to fall in a shortage of life, wakes up sluggish limbs, mind ourselves …

Why Your Sleep has Poor Quality

Besides the usual reasons for insomnia, such as missed time zone, stress, too much sleep during the day, environmental factors too bright to sleep, uncomfortable … then there is an underlying cause from the body, which is ischemic aka cerebral circulatory insufficiency.

Although the brain accounts for only 2% of body weight needs to 1/5 the amount of oxygen and nutrients to maintain the operation of the nervous system neurons. Therefore, to cerebral ischemia leads to coordination disorders, including sleep. Statistics show that 80% of patients with insomnia, sleep problems stem from this cause.

Cerebral ischemia, cerebral vascular obstruction, cerebral circulatory disorders … is common among the elderly, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, degenerative spine … or diet and improper activities.

Herbs – Ideal For Natural Sleep

“Find the natural sleep 8 hours a day – easy or difficult?” This is the anxiety of many insomniacs. Many people tried to prolong his sleep by taking sleeping pills or herbal conditioning neurological effects forgetting that improving brain blood circulation is new determinants “win – defeat” in the treatment of loss sleep.

So to have a good sleep, deep sleep, in addition to bedtime, quiet bedroom no light, avoid eating the brain stimulants like alcohol, coffee, green tea; patients should be treated with the application of herbal remedies help increase blood circulation to the brain